Deeper Dive with BBP

An online presentation series that takes a closer look at the history of Buffalo Bayou Partnership, upcoming plans along Houston’s historic waterway and the thoughtful and engaging public art that enhances the visitor experience.

Deeper Dive with BBP: Summer Series

BBP Plans and Projects

Hosted by BBP President Anne Olson, this presentation provides an inside-look at the history of Buffalo Bayou Partnership, projects completed over the last three decades, what the future holds for Buffalo Bayou from downtown Houston heading east, our initiatives beyond trails, and ways to get involved.

Originally aired live on July 9, 2020

Buffalo Bayou East Master Plan

In this presentation, BBP Project Manager Jose Solis discusses the history of the neighborhoods along Buffalo Bayou East, how we gathered input from the communities, the principles guiding the Buffalo Bayou East Master Plan, what amenities you can expect in the coming years, and more.

Originally aired live on July 16, 2020

Public Art

BBP’s VP of External Affairs, Karen Farber, and Board Member and Public Art and Programming Committee Co-Chair Judy Nyquist walk you through the impactful, engaging, and thoughtful temporary and permanent public art along the 10-mile stretch of Buffalo Bayou from Shepherd Drive to the Port of Houston Turning Basin.

Originally aired live on July 23, 2020

Deeper Dive with BBP: Fall Series

Buffalo Bayou Park’s 5-year Anniversary

How did this waterway in the heart of Houston become an internationally-recognized greenspace? What planning processes went into creating trails built to flood? Who were the visionaries, funders and partners behind Buffalo Bayou Park? Learn all of this and more from two individuals who helped lead the planning and realization of Buffalo Bayou Park: Guy Hagstette, BBP Board Member and Vice President of Parks and Civic Projects at the Kinder Foundation and Scott McCready, Principal of SWA Group.

Originally aired live on September 24, 2020

Trash Talk: BBP’s Clean & Green Program

Board Member Mike Garver and Field Operations Manager Robby Robinson “talk trash” as they discuss BBP’s Clean & Green Program, the litter issue in our city’s waterways, and what you can do to help.

An Inclusive Bayou

Hear from BBP Board Members Gaynell Floyd Drexler and Gloria Zenteno along with Vice President of External Affairs Karen Farber about one of the core values guiding the Buffalo Bayou East Master Plan: BBP’s commitment to inclusivity of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Originally aired November 19, 2020

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