Permit Applications for Buffalo Bayou Park

Permits are required for the following at Buffalo Bayou Park:

Photography and Film

  • A permit is required for any commercial, professional or university-level photo or film shoot. Personal-use film and photoshoots do not require a permit. Please fill out the Film and Photography Form here and email the completed form to
  • Any professional photography or filming inside of the Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern requires a permit to be filled out and approved by our Visitor Services team. To apply for the Cistern Photography or Film Permit, please fill out the form here and email it to

Group Exercise

Special Use/Proposals/Wedding Ceremonies

Picnic Vendors

  • Organized picnics of more than 10 people, the use of furniture and props, and/or operating a picnic business in Buffalo Bayou Park requires a permit. Fill out the Picnic Vendor Program Application here and submit the completed form to

Food Vendors

Questions about permits can be directed to