Buffalo Bayou East Sector Master Plan

Building upon the enormous success of Buffalo Bayou Park, other projects such as the restoration of historic Allen’s Landing, and the city’s incredible open space renaissance, Buffalo Bayou Partnership is focusing its revitalization activities along the bayou’s east sector.  Through a planning effort, made possible by an initial $500,000 grant from Houston Endowment, the organization will be developing a comprehensive plan from U.S. 59 to the Port of Houston Turning Basin.  The east sector of Buffalo Bayou has a distinctly different character from the west and downtown sectors, but holds just as much promise and exciting opportunities.  BBP will approach this planning effort in a new way and seek to establish a pioneering precedent where parks and open space are catalysts for inclusive growth and neighborhood revitalization.  As with Buffalo Bayou Park, a strong public-private partnership with the City of Houston and Harris County, and a wide range of funding from foundations, corporations and individuals will be necessary to move BBP’s east sector enhancement program forward.

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