Restore Japhet Creek

Buffalo Bayou Partnership (BBP) recently released a master plan for Buffalo Bayou East and one of the first sites of focus is Japhet Creek, a historic natural stream that feeds into the Bayou from the lower Fifth Ward. BBP is seeking your input on the design for this site to ensure it meets community needs and expectations. Please fill out the survey below by August 31 and let us know what you think!

About Japhet Creek

Japhet Creek is one of the Fifth Ward’s natural gems. Though it once connected directly to the neighborhood, it is now hidden away, south of Clinton Drive. People who explore the area find the Creek’s steep banks lined with lush vegetation and a dense tree canopy that provides cooling shade. Because it is mostly hidden from the surrounding neighborhood, many people don’t even know such an amazing treasure sits right in their own back yard. It is a place of solace, where visitors can truly connect with nature

Japhet Creek’s Role in the Buffalo Bayou East Master Plan

Japhet Creek is one of the most important links between the Fifth Ward neighborhood and Buffalo Bayou. By eliminating invasive plants and removing accumulated debris, a healthy creek will be restored. Providing different amenities and activities in a natural setting will give community members relief from hectic lives. Most importantly, a new nature trail and pedestrian bridge that connect all the way to an expanded and enhanced Tony Marron Park gives Fifth Ward residents direct access to one of Buffalo Bayou East’s most exciting planned destinations.