Buffalo Bayou East

Buffalo Bayou Partnership is transforming Houston with its unique waterfront projects. Continuing this legacy, BBP has launched a master plan for the bayou’s East Sector, encompassing the four-mile stretch from US 59 to the Port of Houston Turning Basin.

The comprehensive Buffalo Bayou East Master Plan was developed with extensive community input over a two-year period. Residents, community groups and stakeholders from the Greater East End and Fifth Ward helped to envision the plan’s projects and goals. Through this process, the following core values emerged:


The Buffalo Bayou East Master Plan includes several key objectives:

  • Preserve Buffalo Bayou East’s culture and traditions
  • Repurpose the East Sector’s industrial relics and showcase the area’s ongoing industrial activity
  • Extend the neighborhood fabric to the bayou and create a public waterfront edge open to all
  • Leverage Buffalo Bayou Partnership-owned and publicly held properties for future open space development
  • Create a diverse network of parks and destinations with wide appeal
  • Develop trails, greenways, and pedestrian-friendly neighborhood streets to connect the bayou to the city’s bike and pedestrian networks
  • Develop an economically integrated, bayou-facing neighborhood
  • Create a safe and resilient waterfront to support an ecologically rich habitat connected to the wider open space system

Although implementation of this master plan will take decades to unfold, Buffalo Bayou Partnership is committed to delivering a place that offers new economic, social and environmental improvements that will benefit Buffalo Bayou East, its existing communities, and Houston as a whole. To stay up to date on our progress, please join BBP’s email list here.

Buffalo Bayou Partnership is accelerating implementation of the Buffalo Bayou East Master Plan with generous support from Houston Endowment Inc., The Brown Foundation, Inc. and The Powell Foundation.