Conservation & Maintenance

To protect Buffalo Bayou and its surrounding landscapes and wildlife, BBP works diligently to meticulously maintain the parks and trails along the waterway.

Whether it’s the wildflower meadows, rolling hills, or colorful perennial gardens, Buffalo Bayou Park’s natural beauty is something to behold.

Our organization is responsible for the care of Buffalo Bayou Park, with funding provided by the Downtown Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) #3. BBP also maintains the Buffalo Bayou Downtown trails and green spaces. On any given day, you will see our dedicated staff pruning plants, removing trash, and trimming trees.

Current Projects

BBP’s Conservation Team plays a critical role in the ongoing restoration and enhancement of Buffalo Bayou Park. The team utilizes an interactive GIS map to survey our management areas and annotate it based on present issues and treatments. Additionally, we are designing long-term data collection projects. Our permanent data collection plots in the park are 100 square meters, and we assess the vegetation of each plot multiple times per year to measure the success of our management based on changes in vegetation and habitat quality.

BBP’s main conservation goals are to limit erosion along the bayou’s banks, promote native plant species, and enhance habitat for wildlife.

Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) Vegetation Project

Following on the heels of a major erosion and sediment removal project spearheaded by the Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD), Buffalo Bayou Partnership and the agency are starting work on a major vegetation project in Buffalo Bayou Park.  Plans call for live willow stakes and a mix of hardwood trees and grasses to be planted along 11 acres of the bayou’s edge.  As the plants and trees grow, the vegetated cover will reduce erosion, build streambank stability, and contribute to valuable habitat for wildlife.  In addition, biodegradable coir logs installed at the top of the bank will slow surface water runoff and provide erosion protection.  Below is what you will see when you visit the park.  Tree protection fencing will be installed and aquatic-rated herbicides will be used to selectively treat invasive species over the next several weeks.


A Guide to the Birds & Plants of Buffalo Bayou Park