Trail Closures

Photo by Jonnu Singleton/SWA Group

Please be aware of the following trail closures along Buffalo Bayou.

  • Intermittent trail closures on both asphalt footpaths and concrete trails throughout Buffalo Bayou Park. Please pay attention to trail closure signage.

Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) Vegetation Project

Following on the heels of a major erosion and sediment removal project spearheaded by the Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD), Buffalo Bayou Partnership and the agency are starting work on a major vegetation project in Buffalo Bayou Park.  Plans call for live willow stakes and a mix of hardwood trees and grasses to be planted along 11 acres of the bayou’s edge.  As the plants and trees grow, the vegetated cover will reduce erosion, build streambank stability, and contribute to valuable habitat for wildlife.  In addition, biodegradable coir logs installed at the top of the bank will slow surface water runoff and provide erosion protection.  Below is what you will see when you visit the park.  Tree protection fencing will be installed and aquatic-rated herbicides will be used to selectively treat invasive species over the next several weeks.

Safety Tips

Walkers/runners should:

  • Always keep to the right on trails to avoid faster moving traffic.
  • Do your best to anticipate the actions of other users and know the limits of your own abilities.
  • Keep pets on a short leash.

Bikers should:

  • Announce “passing on left” when trying to get around someone in front of you.
  • Look ahead and behind you before turning around on the trail.
  • Pull over to the right or completely off the trail when stopping for any reason.
  • ALWAYS wear a helmet.
  • Watch speeds on bicycles and keep at least a three-foot distance from  pedestrians at all times.


  • Use of headphones/ear buds is discouraged, but if you do, consider removing the device from one side so you are aware of the sounds around you.
  • Watch children carefully – don’t allow young children on trails without supervision.
  • When in a group, stay in a single file line.
  • Obey all traffic signals when crossing major intersections.  Never cross at an area without a designated pedestrian traffic signal.
  • Look both ways before crossing or merging with another trail.